Job Description:

Salesfloor Customer Assistant 

M&S is changing. We’re opening new stores, offering more choice, more products and more of what we do best: putting our customers first. We’d love you to join our team and play a part in creating our future.  

We want our customers to step in and feel M&S. This means playing a central role working across our salesfloors and checkouts. You’ll be the driving force behind the service and selling revolution in our stores.  

About The Applicant:

What it takes to be a Salesfloor Customer Assistant at M&S:  

Your experience tells a story, but the right attitude speaks louder still. We want you to serve and sell with personality and pride so you’ll be confident and engaging, excellent at communicating and be passionate about our products. We’ll teach you the rest.  

Further Information:

Employment period: Some vacancies 29/11 – 02/01 (flexibility to start 6/12 if necessary), and some vacancies for a two week period 13/12 – 26/12 

Working hours: There are various vacancies – majority of the 29/11 – 02/01 involve weekends and evenings,  the 13/12 – 26/12 vacancies are generally blocks of early shifts on weekdays (e.g. 0600-1400, or late shifts e.g. 1400-2200 or 1600-2400). Most vacancies are 16-24 hours but with opportunity for overtime if desired. 

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